especially on short ones.

Becoming a really good putter, when you are not one right now, requires hours and hours and hours of practice at stroking putts and green reading.

Most golfers have real jobs and don’t have time for that, so here is a real simple philosophy that will help your putting.

Most bad short putters do one or both of the following.

They move their heads(I know I said that was OK before, but putting is different than the rest of the game) and/or they try and steer the ball on the perfect line.

Both of these things are about “wishing” the ball in the hole.

Here is a philosophy change that will help all of you.  Don’t try and make the putt.  I know…this sounds ridiculous.

Trying too hard to make short putts puts you in a bad state both mentally and physically.  There are so many imperfections, even on perfect greens, that putts aren’t always going to go in.

All you have to do is read the putt to the best of your ability, line up to the spot you want to aim and just try and hit it solid with the right speed.  It will go in or it won’t.

You will be amazed how many more putts you will make if you just try and hit a solid putt, versus trying to make it.