(remember if you are left handed to reverse all of the left and rights in this post)

What follows is some detailed explanations of mechanical garbage, because people like to know that kind of info. If you don’t care about that stuff…skip to the last sentence and you will learn all you need to know.

Over the years there has been a lot of theories on leg action/lower body motion.

My favorite, that ruined me for a while, was Jim Mclean’s X-factor. I believe the theory was if you restrict your lower body turn, your shoulders will create a greater separation and like a rubber band stretching, create more power and accuracy. HOGWASH!!!!!!

I do agree that you don’t want your hips to over rotate, but as long as you rotate your shoulders 90 degrees to your spine and not 90 degrees to the ground, your hips won’t over rotate. Here is the link to proper shoulder turn in case you didn’t read it. Proper shoulder turn post

If you restrict your hip turn in the back swing you will get the club behind you and your arms will control the rest of the swing…bad, bad BAD!!!!!!!!! Plus, you will probably hurt your back like I did. Bobby Jones had a tremendous amount of hip turn. Need I say more? Also don’t be afraid of lifting the left heel in the back swing. You don’t want to lift it on purpose, but keeping it flat on purpose will cut your hip turn artificially and that is bad. It was OK for Jack Nicklaus, so it’s OK for you. I know I have said not to copy what PGA Tour players do, but when 2 of the greatest of all time do something, it pretty much shows it’s not all bad.

One thing that you need to avoid is getting your center of gravity outside your right foot on the back swing and rolling to the outside of the right foot. Bracing the outside of the right foot by putting a golf ball under it is a good drill to avert this issue.

On the downswing, you want your hips to clear, but you don’t want them popping. They are supposed to rotate in sync with the rest of the body turning…and you want them moving toward the target. It is not a slide if they are turning, so don’t be afraid of a slide if the hips are turning. People often back their hips away from the target because they had someone tell them they are sliding. It is only a slide if the hips don’t turn.

To sum it all up I have a very easy way to illustrate what your lower body should do.

As long as your shoulders are turning properly…all you have to do is let your hips turn freely going back, keep your weight/center of gravity inside of your feet and send your right hip at the target going through.