(IMO, the posts and videos of January 4,5 and 6 are really going to help all of you if you just look at them with an open mind. Watch them as if you know nothing about golf at all…and just ask yourself if they make sense.)

When I say T, I am talking about the capital “T” that a line across your shoulders for the top and a line down where your spine is, would form..

If you turn your shoulders 90* to your spine in both the backswing and downswing all the way though to the finish, you will maintain the T. If you turn to level to the ground or too vertical, the top line on the T will tilt.

This is a big time key to improving your golf swing and golf game because it simplifies your swing, reduces the number of hand and arm compensations you will need to make and reduces the number of swing errors you can make to get your self in bad positions. It also allows your shoulders to turn more freely and create more speed.

Like I have been saying, it’s not about finding the right positions, it’s about avoiding things that get in your way and the right positions will find themselves.

Here is a video illustrating the point more clearly. Don’t try to be too perfect on this when you try and implement it and don’t bring out the protractor to see if I kept my angles perfect…they probably were not. I also exaggerated the poor turn angles to make things easier to comprehend.

The point of all of this is to have a guide and be moving in a positive direction with a general understand of what is more efficient.