I have gotten several emails about having the blog, along with more of my thoughts and stories collated and made into a book. Of course I was flattered, but have no idea on how to go about this or have any contacts in the publishing industry. Anyone who has experience with this or knows someone who knows someone…I would appreciate any guidance you could give me.

I would be disingenuous if I said I had no interest in the monetary gain from such a project, but I can honestly say my first priority is to get the word out to a wider audience. I reiterate that I want golf to be more fun for the golfing public and I think my approach could help a lot of people improve their relationship with the game.

This would probably put me in the category of the DVD and book salesman that I have criticized here so often here, but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire…wow, a cliche, I am becoming a hypocrite already. 😮