Today’s post is short, but it is very important for you to understand. I have written about the importance of the backswing ending when the shoulder turn ends. This brings me to today’s point.

There is a type of backswing that looks good and takes the club on plane, but can be problematic.

You need to decide if your shoulder turn lifts the arms or lifting arms turn the shoulders. If your shoulder turn lifts your arms, you are definitely on the right track.

If you lift your arms to turn your shoudlers, not only will it be difficult to stop the backswing when the shoulders stop turning, you are susceptible to dropping hands, over the top, active and passive casting, the upper and lower body being out of sync and some other troubling issues.

This is an important issue, because arm lifters who have worked hard to hit good positions will have the illusion of a great swing and will have most people tell them how great their swing is.

It’s a trap you need to get out of to make the next setup in your improvement.

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