I did a post called (LINK) The REAL secrets to hitting the golf ball farther and I have posted it a few times.

That is some of the things you can work on to get more distance. However, today I am going to talk about some intangible ways that are all too often missed.

1. Not being afraid-Nothing slows down clubhead speed more than being afraid of hitting the ball crooked and trying to steer it down the fairway. You are not only going to hit the ball farther, but also straighter more often when you accelerate the club to your maximum controlled limit. Golfers remember the one time they just put a “smooth” move on it and just tried to hit it in play. They forget the other 9 times out of 10 where they put the steer job on and hit it both short and crooked. The more controlled acceleration you create, the more centrifugal force releases the club properly…and more consistently proper. As I have said before, the whole “swing smooth” concept is a cop-out for having bad balance.

2. Hitting the ball solid-I don’t care what launch monitors and Trackman tell you about shafts, spin rate and all other sorts of info to cloud your mind. If you hit the ball solid, it will go farther than a ball with perfect numbers. Of course a solid shot with perfect numbers will go the farthest, but solid is your first priority. So don’t be creating something funky in your move because some “expert” said you would hit it farther if you bring your spin rate down 300 rpm’s. Create things in your move that help you hit the ball solid and the numbers will take care of themselves.

3. Don’t change equipment every time you go through a bad stretch-Again, don’t get me wrong, equipment that fits you and getting good numbers on the computer are great, but those are results, not causes. Having a driver that you know how to hit solid is better than constantly changing to one that suits your “numbers” on a given day.

4. Make sure your swing and setup improvements free you up-I will put swing changes in three categories. The ones that free you up, the ones that get in your way and the ones that will make you swing perfectly according to all available info. Guess what? Category 3 isn’t always good and often falls into category 2. Swings are individual and sometimes, the unorthodox works…and sometimes, a variation of what is “correct” works better. It’s all in how it allows your body to move. You want a swing that fits your body and an “on plane” swing with perfect mechanics doesn’t fit everyone. Ask Furyk, Nicklaus, Trevino, etc. You need a swing that will allow you both physically and mentally to create the maximum speed you are capable of…not a perfect swing, or some severe angled mess to create false power you can’t control.

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