As many of you know, I am against the lower body leading and everything working in sync, but I may not have been clear about a very important detail.

I said yesterday that when hanging back, the spine tilts more through impact as the rear knee buckles. I also would add that is often accompanied by the leftt shoulder going up too much and/or right shoulder dropping.

meateter commented that all great players add tilt through impact and what he doesn’t know is that I agree 100%, but it is different than a hang back and it has to do with weight shift and the lower body “leading.”

Now we are on the the part I inadvertently wasn’t clear about. The lower body doesn’t lead by rotating sooner while the upper body remains still (although in high speed film it happens for a split second but doing it consciously way over does it). What happens is as the upper and lower body rotate together, the lower body drives toward the target. That is what happens in transition when the weight shifts from the right foot toward the left (for a right handed golfer). If the upper body remains relatively still while the lower body drives to the target with the weight shifting from the right foot to the left, that creates tilt through impact.

So the lower body leads the weight shift, but not the rotation.

When you hang back, the weight is not properly shifting to the left side and the tilt is created by the upper body moving away from the target.

To put it another way, when you transition to the downswing, if the upper body goes with the lower body, you are in front of it. If the lower body stays with the upper body, you are hanging back.

I know a bit technical…and any clarification you might want, feel free to ask.

I will be posting some videos of some drills that deal with all of this.