I have made no secret of the fact that the last 7-8 years of my career were plagued by being too mechanical, having too many thoughts and trying to force things.

I played today and was on and off…mostly off for 13 holes. It finally dawned on me that I was trying way to hard to force the club to release and it was actually having the opposite affect and I hitting the ball off the heel and blocking it all day. My lower body was stale and out of sync and I was using all hands.

On 14 I relaxed my death grip on the club and “allowed” the club to release. “Allowing” (and all other tenses an conjugations) is the key word. My lower body freed up and started to rotate in sync with the rest of my swing.

Bombed two drives, a solid 3-wood with a soft draw (for 20 years the worst club in my bag) and stuffed 5 iron shots in a row.

Apparently, telling you guys to simplify and get out of your own way…works for me too…DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I have to remind myself that I am pretty astute as an instructor and dumb as a bag of rocks as a player.