1. One throw per hole means I could throw his ball out of bounds any time I wanted to. I believe I shot about 68 and he didn’t break 130 as he got very frustrated when I kept throwing his ball into the OB or unplayable areas. I didn’t give away the real secret to the throw, which came up on bet #3.

2. After said long knocker beat one out there about 270, I turned around and drove my ball in the other direction down the previous fairway as the key phrase I used. “You cannot out drive my drive with a driver and an LW.”

3. This one was a slaughter. They heard about the first bet and said I couldn’t throw their ball, only mine. They shot about 7 or 8 under. I had a good ball striking day and an even better throwing day. On the first hole I hit 3W/LW to about 8 feet and threw (rolled) my ball in the hole for an eagle 2. The second hole I hit a 3W and an iron to about 25 feet in two on a par 5 and threw it up there to about a foot and tapped in to go 4-under after two holes.

Theoretically, if you hit it and threw it well enough, you could shoot 32…for 18 holes.

I remember shooting in the high 40’s that day. I don’t remember them even tying a hole. I am sure they tied a few, but I was never in danger of losing a hole. Even on a bad day mid 50’s is a high score.

4. The guy playing left handed hadn’t seen me hit it off my knees and didn’t know I had a SW cut down and bent flat for chipping and shots of about 60-70 yards. I can drive it 300 and hit some beauty knock down 3 woods…and for those skeptics that don’t buy me being able to hit an iron…it won’t cost you much to see me do it. 😀

Putting is easy. You use your regular putter like a long putter.

He was around 150 and I threatened to break 80. A triple derailed me late in the round.

I’d probably have trouble breaking 90 now, but with a little practice, you wouldn’t want to play me. I did put on trick shot shows for a long time.