I played golf last week and it’s a wonder how I am not in penitentiary after this happening for the 4183rd time.

The group behind me was mad because I was waiting so long to hit and the group in front of me was mad because they felt I was hitting into them.

Here is the kicker. I was playing in a twosome, so basically after I hit and my partner hit his second shot, they had an open tee shot while I waited to hit my second. The irony is they waited on the tee for me to hit my second shot before they hit…LOL.

The group behind me saw me hit several really nice long drives, so they knew how far I hit it. On one hole they pull to the tee and one guy says, “are you waiting again?”

I asked him if he noticed how far I was hitting it and if he was suggesting I fly my tee shot into the group in front.

His response…”why do you have to try and drive the green, why don’t you hit an iron so you don’t make us wait?”

So I ignored him and hit it on the front edge about 2 or 3 paces off the front.

He said, “Big deal, it will probably take you 4 to get down from there.”

I asked him if he cared to place a wager. He wimped out and only agreed to $20 that I couldn’t get it up and down.

I left it about 6″ short right in the jar. I got the $20 and I didn’t see or hear hide nor hair of them the rest of the day.