(My thoughts on the Honda Classic will be Wednesday)

Remember this?


I had it as a link instead of embedding it so it wouldn’t take up the whole screen.

Many people lift the club too soon with their arms, while even more suck their arms behind their bodies and either come over the top, or lift the arms late and then drop them back behind the body and get stuck.

What are we to do? Well, the arms have to lift at some point and the way to do it is in sync with the shoulder turn. There is a feel that works for a lot of people and the video I linked helps in understanding that feel. What motion would you make if you held the basketball in a golf address position with both hands and someone told you to throw the ball over your right shoulder?

Now you know the motion for a good back swing. If you lift the arms too soon or too late, that wouldn’t be the feeling of throwing it over your right shoulder.

Once the ball is set at the top of the back swing, what motion would you make to throw the ball over the left shoulder?

Now you know the motion for a good downswing and follow through.