Not the 63 I shot in a Nationwide qualifier. Not the 65 I shot at PGA West Stadium from the tips when the course was still at its hardest.

It was a 78 from the white tees.

I had a friend who had an acquaintance that was a real hustler and quite a jerk about it and he wanted to teach this guy a lesson. He saw me hitting trick shots one day and asked me if I could control a 30 yard slice. I told him I could.

He also asked me if I could look like a 25 handicap short game player and make it convincing. I showed him my “help in the air, right hand chuck-o-chip” and my no shoulder turn right hand chuck putting slap.

He was convinced and setup a foursome with this guy and I was going to play as a 20.

I spent the day hitting 20-60 yard slices off the tee that would start out of bounds left and slice into the right side of the fairway. I bladed irons onto the green, controlled chunk chips and right hand slap putted my way to a 78.

“The Hustler” played to a 5, but he was probably an ex-mini tour guy who could shoot 68 or 69 on occasion.

My friend, after taking this guy’s money, told him I was a player and just faked the game he saw. He didn’t believe it so my buddy told him I’d go out and shoot 68 after lunch. He gave me 10-1 odds I couldn’t shoot 68 and I shot 65.

“The Hustler” was more impressed how well I faked being a 20 and shooting 78 than he was in my 65.

The point of this story is I need to get back to playing golf. I have tried so hard to be a good swinger of the club, it dulled my ability to play…I am focused on that right now and it’s not pretty. Trying to break bad habits is hard…

…but the first step is making an effort to improve and the second step is to realize that effort takes time to show results.

That is a concept lost on most ams. If something doesn’t work almost immediately, it is abandoned.