Since few of the big name players were there and the golf was somewhat less than spectacular due to brutal conditions, I will take the opportunity to rant a bit. 😀

The Byron Nelson is proof that course conditions and weather conditions are what make a course tough.

Not multiple levels on the green, rock piles in the middle of the fairway, strangely contoured fairways that repel the ball, fairways that end, canyons, lost ball areas adjacent to the fairways and greens, etc.

Sergio Garcia does not have a swing that should be praised or emulated. That massive drop to the inside and lag that gives everyone who doesn’t have a clue about the golf swing an unnatural level of arousal that should only take place when pretty girls are around…IS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He could pull it off when he was 19 and a lot of people will blame his lack of major wins to his putting (there is much truth to that). However, that is a poor and difficult way to swing the club and his body is not allowing him to pull it off anymore as well as he used to. My point is not to attack Sergio, he became a world class player with that swing. I am attacking the mainstream belief among the ill informed that dropping the club inside and getting massive lag is the Holy Grail of golf.

In actuality it is a booby trap and all who search for the Grail fall into the trap. He could not control his ball flight once the wind kicked up. Guess how I know that massive lag from the inside makes it difficult to control ball flight????

I have said in the past that anyone who says “keep your head down” can be immediately discounted as knowing anything about the swing.

Well, anyone who raves about the wonder that is Sergio’s golf swing should be marooned in the Florida Everglades and be forced to take up Ponce de Leon’s quest.