I was at Titleist in 2000 getting fitted for a new driver at their testing facility. I picked out the one I wanted, they fit me for a shaft and then brought out the new large sized 975J for me to try out for fun.

As you know, that driver is not nearly as big as what we have have available now, but compared to what I had played for 15 years, it was huge.

I didn’t know what to make of it. After hitting about 20 of them, I tried to hit a 3 wood and topped 4 in a row. I then shanked a wedge.

What the heck happened? Well, this enormous head visually made me want to hit way up on it. This made my shoulder turn too vertical and completely threw my swing off.

Why is this important? When you combine 3 things, golfers out there in the thousands and even 10’s of thousands have the following issue.

1. People have an innate desire to help the ball in the air.

2. The big headed drivers visually make you want to help it up in the air.

3. People are told that Trackman says the ideal angle of attack for maximum distance is to hit up on it slightly. As in most things in golf, you don’t aspire to individual split second “correct positions,” you make a well synced golf swing and those positions happen. Forcing them to happen in this case, extenuates #1 and #2.

People end up with a massively vertical shoulder turn and are dead. Add to that having not enough tilt at address and you make this issue even worse. Additionally everyone is so deathly afraid of coming over the top, they rotate their shoulders even more vertically.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Guess why so many people can’t hit their drivers?

guess why with all of this technology in equipment and video, that people aren’t getting better and quitting the game?