Sometimes it’s just a perception change

It’s nothing innovative, it’s in the spirit of, “Everyone thinks differently and so communicating the same thing in a slightly different way…”

There is a huge issue of maintaining spine angle and tush line among all golfers of all skill levels. Standing up or dipping the head in the backswing and goat humping on the downswing.

Recently, I have had success with a few people telling them to maintain a constant bend at the waist.

Just this little change in perception has helped them understand the concept better from a feel standpoint

I thought I would share that here and maybe a few of you would have a little “a-ha” if you hadn’t heard it put that way before.

A side benefit was focusing on that area of the body had them initiating the downswing there too and helped their weight shift.

10 Responses to “ “Sometimes it’s just a perception change”

  1. Calvin says:

    Such a simple thing and it could make all the difference.

  2. Calvin says:

    I’m curious. Besides yourself how many of the long drive competitors can really play the game? I mean scratch or plus handicap? Maybe Gorton?

  3. Eddie says:

    I like that thought. For the constant spine angle – are you saying that it should remain unchanged throughout the entire swing? I understand it should remain steady at set-up, on the backswing, and then through impact. But what about in the final stages of the follow-through? Same spine angle or is it acceptable to straighten out the spine?

  4. HoldTheLag says:

    So this is the great secret to golf instruction!

    Have the correct thoughts you want to convey to the student.

    Then, have at the ready at least 10 equivalent phrases for each thought.

    I’m actually going to try this on my own!

  5. bobs34 says:

    This thought works for me chipping and pitching but not for the full swing. I think mostly because I can’t tell when I’ve stood up to soon or not (before or after inmpact) and if I think about maintaining a constant bend at the waiste, I get all locked up and stay bent over too long resulting in a terrible feeling and shot. Having said that, it’s very encouraging to know Monte realizes that it takes different ways of expressing something so it ‘clicks’ with the student. Most teachers, especially accomplished ones just think the student is an idiot and/or has no athleticism because they can’t do what the teacher tells them the first time…

  6. Andrew from Addis says:

    Very interesting – I tried this today because I have really been struggling with maintaining tilt in the last couple of weeks. Now if you think about maintaining the waist bend, it appears, for me at least, that the other plane of the spine is maintained pretty much automatically. With this thought I have been keeping my head behind the ball and swinging nicely through. Hope it lasts

    Thanks as always Monte
    Andrew from Addis

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