First off, I appreciate all the support I received even though my putting resembled Ray Charles driving NASCAR. I was having fun and made a few birdies after I adjusted, but my adjustment was way too slow.

More golf for Monte needed. I can say it’s all mental for me now.

My daughter is fine. No concussion, just a nasty bump. For those that didn’t see the update yesterday, that is why I WD’d.

On to today’s topic.

This year, I am going to do free clinics. My wife works for Southwest, so I can fly free and I can go about anywhere for the price of a hotel room and a rental car for a day.

If you can organize one in your area with a course willing to host it, promote it and get people there. Maybe the local PGA will sanction it for the local pros as part of their yearly class attendance. I will be entering the program soon as well.

I’ll come out there, bust some drives, hit a few trick shots, talk about golf and the swing, tell a few stories, answer questions and take a look at a few people’s swings.

Here are my motives. It’s fun to do, I want to make people better at golf and enjoy it more…and build “my brand.”

It is a win win for everyone. The course gets to bring traffic to their facility and provide a free service to the community. The golfers in that area will be exposed to the latest, simplest and best 😀 ideas about the swing and golf instruction out there.

I get exposure.

Spread the word.

Email me if you are interested and have a facility in mind.