You are all too slow. Everyone thinks Freddie is so slow and smooth? Put his swing on your screen and try to match the tempo. You will all be significantly slower, even if you think your tempo is too fast.

Being fast is all about how you start the transition.

Hands and arms=fast, no matter how deathly slow your backswing is.

Shift=Slow and smooth

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  1. woody says:

    I’m going to claim that the shift is part of the swing, not something that comes before it. It’s like Hogan’s book saying that the arms get a free ride down…only it’s a free acceleration down. If you look at Hogan’s famous video and put your cursor on his hands, you will see that when his “lower body” moves, his hands do too. There’s no delay, it’s all one move…just like you in your long-drive days.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL_6M_xZvq0&feature=related (Hogan narrates)

    If Hogan would let me, I’d change some of his terminology, but the swing speaks for itself.

    Mike Hebron (famous instructor) offers this illustration:


    As Snead said, “Everything has to work together.” I’d add that there’s more speed when the arms are passive than when they’re tense; in other words, release from the top.

    • Mike Divot says:

      Well, dammit, if Hogan said it …

      Can’t we all just agree that Saint Ben the Pure was perfect, and that anything that isn’t identical to St Ben’s “way” is less than perfect?

  2. Pivot properly and you have the speed desired.

  3. Bob Saunders says:

    Monte, Please clarify. I don’t get it. Thanks!

    • Everyone thinks they have to have slow tempo because they are too fast. It’s actually the opposite. People are too slow and it makes the transition too fast.

      Most golfers have slow backswings and fast transitions. You need a faster backswing and slower transition.

  4. 4theloveofthegame says:

    Yep, even Jimbo has figured that one,TT, out already- Els is at impact when we are at the top: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug7CXgi8cGU&feature=related
    See the difference it makes, it looks! like a pause at the top when he gets it right:

    I am coming around to believe in bump and dump = gravity drop, at least for mortals and to start with, but regardless it only seems to work if you have a swing and don’t try to hit the ball, which would exclude 99% of golfers…
    For that, see Monte and/or read Percy the feelings Boomer…

    • sssc (@sssc) says:

      i absolutely fall into the hit it category. the answer to my problem may just be to figure out how to hit the damn ball, instead of me spending ours on the range trying to swing at the ball!

      it is so bad,that i hit my 7 iron approximately 170 yrs. the problem is, that my driver only seems to go about 200 / 215!!!

      • I spent 5 months working the swing from ground up now, doing daily swings at home and then applied what I find on range and every range waited until the stuff I wanted to be there would be there. slowly this has become more and more solid and yesterday I flushed my spoon as never before.
        No short cuts, if your technique isn’t solid, you might need a good second eye on it and a good patient applied change over time.

        I had compensations due to years of silliness and fixing them took me 5 months.
        I am now able to hit all clubs the same way even my driver. for the first time I dont wonder where the ball is going.

      • sssc (@sssc) says:

        hey, rj.
        i agree. i will just keep pounding away at it. ty for sharing your thoughts!

    • woody says:

      “if you have a swing and don’t try to hit the ball, which would exclude 99% of golfers…”

      –You nailed it.

      And a swing isn’t just arms.

  5. wally says:

    During his prime Fred Couple was one of the logest hitters on tour. How slow could his swing be?

  6. bobs34 says:

    I wonder how many will think this is golf heresy?

    Quick background: for 15 years I’ve been a rotational, pivot, bump, during transition player most of the time using passive wet rag arms that just repsond to the bumping/turning of my body. I’ve experimented with bumping and/or rotating via pulling or pushing everything from my knees to my shoulders. I’ve played good golf at times shooting in the low 70’s but mostly just decent golf in the low to mid 80’s. I’m 50 now and I’m always freakin sore after playing or practising.

    The heresy; A full shoulder turn going back but a fast straight arm karate cop using the lower left forearm with the body turn responding to that not powering it coming through. Or maybe Monte would describe it as dump and turn…? My best results come when I feel like I prevent the bump so my lower left side is firm during transition but turns freely through impact and follow through. I can swing all day this way without any soreness at all. I’m hitting the ball further (I’m back to distances I was at about 5 years ago; 7 iron goes about 165 vs 155) and ball contact is awesome for me. A bad miss is only slightly thick or thin.

    Does anyone else use mainly just their left arm to power the swing? Any real long term issues with that? I can defintely see where tempo plays a more important role with misses left or right swinging this way.

    BTW: I’m a lefty that swings from his right side…


    • woody says:

      “passive wet rag arms that just repsond to the bumping/turning of my body”

      –I don’t think people who advocate ‘passive’ are talking about ‘wet rag.’ The backswing gets the slack taken out, and it’s like Bobby Jones said, the slack doesn’t come back in. I think his swing was body powered, more than arm.

      “use mainly just their left arm to power the swing?”

      –Moe Norman thought he did. He said that his right hand just went along for the ride. My 2¢ is that it was feel-not-real for him because his right arm got accelerated from elsewhere. He did realize that centrifugal force was the main ingredient, not brute force.

      Perhaps you’re feeling left arm plus left side of your back. But, if what you’re doing works for you, there’s no point in 2nd guessing it.

  7. sssc (@sssc) says:

    update: back from a range session, and it went great for a change! the only thing i did different was i stopped trying to “hit the ball” with my driver. my only thought was to “swing” it. what a difference it made.

    as i stated above, my driver has only been going approximately 200 – 215. today i was carrying it 240 – 245 yards, being conservative! the best part of it all was that i didn’t feel as if i was working so hard to do it.

    the pivot just sort of happend!

  8. Hackinator says:

    Great tip thanks

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