This one plane versus two plane thing is the ultimate swingcrack and it’s making my head wanna explode.

Let me break it down this way. Hacks often have as many as 6 planes, so what’s the use of confusing them further with a pin hole they have to mold their swing into…and good players have figured out how to swing and making them aware of their swing being one or two planes, just gives them another thing to worry about.

I get emails and see posts on Golfwrx of double digit handicaps trying to conform to a one plane swing.

GOOD GOD!!!!!!!!!

One of tho things happen.

1. They whip the club too far inside trying to find the one plane path.

2. They snatch (pull the handle) the club steep trying to keep the one plane on the downswing.

Just as bad is listening to a good golfer talk about how he is trying to change his two plane hip turn to match his one plane shoulder turn.

Turn away so the arms and hands stay in front of the body.


Turn through so the arms and hands stay in front of the body.

Some will have one plane, some will have two and others may still have six and put a good number on the board. See Jim Furyk.

I now wait for the hate email from all the Jim Hardy disciples.

PS-A one plane swing may be more efficient for someone having 8 hours a day to practice and someone who knows what they are doing standing there with them on every swing, but a two plane swing has a much wider margin for error.

I just tripled the hate email with the PS.