My departed friend Jack would grind this into me during my struggles.

This is the second most over rated useless cliche spouted by people around the world. Behind “keep your head down.”

Sorry Jack (as I look to the sky).

First off, better tempo is not going to solve the fact that your path is too far from the inside forcing you to time the flip at the bottom perfectly.

Second, tempo is not where the problem lies. When people say work on tempo, they mean slow down. The problem is they slow down in the wrong place. They slow down the backswing. Slowing down the backswing makes you get faster in the place you need to slow down…the transition.

The thing you want to work on is Rhythm. Good golfers have fast tempos and good rhythm. Bad golfers have slow tempo and bad rhythm.

It doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, you have to be one speed and that involves being patient in the transition.