Imagine how many aneurysms I had reading this comment below in response to someone who was asking for help coming too far inside and over the top.

Something like this is going to give me a stroke someday. I know the guy was only trying to help and I am not mad at him, as much as the cliche culture that created him. I have the urge to respond, “That is horrible, you are going to give that guy the shanks,” but I refrain. I am trying to project an image as an affable guy, even though I am less than a dozen of these comments away from being a serial killer.

I now know what they mean by voices in their head telling them to do it.

This is like Where’s Waldo. Find how many of my hated cliches this guy incorporated. The winner gets a free online lesson.

Every day I get more and more like Howard Beale.

The comment below epitomizes where we are.

Pull the handle and swing smooth so you can slow down and time impact?

Harvey Pennick and Ben Hogan are getting ready to bring on the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

EDITED-Goodness gracious sakes alive…and horsefeathers and…and other clean euphemisms for a profane rant. The person to which this advice was directed is going to go out and try it. The last time I had the desire to run and tackle someone before they created a disaster for themselves, was Phil Mickelson on the 72nd hole at Winged Foot.

That was a ripple in a pond compared to the tsunami the advice below will cause.

This visual helped me a lot to get my swing plane from inside to out. Start out with a lower lofted club like a wedge. Take a nice smooth backswing, on the downswing dont think about where the club head is or the club face( remember this just a drill) imagine hitting the ball with the butt end of the club. What this does is your club is at the top and you have made your turn to the top so now your set up inside. When you pull the butt of the club twards the ball your swing thought gets a lot smaller. Its a lot easier to maintain a line with the butt of the club as opposed to trying to keep up with where the club head is all the time. From the top just drop the butt of the club through the ball with a smooth motion. It has to follow a path in to out to get there.

Truth is the club head will follow the butt end of the club. Keep the swing smooth and dont try to over power the shot. You’ll notice right away the first time you try this the feel will be different. You’ll actually feel the club swinging in to out. Then bump it up to the 8 and try that and so on.

On my driver(i hit a r11 thats 48 inches) Im a little further away from the ball. When I start down to the ball im hitting the ball with the butt of the club which maintains my in to out path and creates a little more lag for more distance, I hit the ball on the sweet spot 98 % of the time.

On the swing monitor my swing is 2 degrees in to out 99% of the time by using this method.

The key here is a smooth take away and a smooth downswing to be able to feel the swing and get it ingrained into your brain and muscle memory. It wont take long and I bet it works for ya.