A lot of people would benefit from remembering that the words “release” and “manipulate” are NOT synonyms. To “release” a clubhead, or anything else, means to “let it go”, not to consciously or forcefully manipulate it.

A proper release is nothing more than natural body mechanics and how they should unwind the club to impact. If you are releasing incorrectly, there is an issue in the backswing or transition.

All of this lag and related caca to get more distance fights all of this.

The problem is too many people are theorizing and teaching to restrict club rotation as much as possible because club rotation is inconsistent…and that is nonsense. What is more consistent than how the body works all by itself?

Didn’t we learn from ‘X Factor” that restricting things is bad.

We don’t want to restrict anything, what we want to do is avoid excess movement (e.g. arms over taking shoulder turn). I know that is semantics and it is hard to discern which is which, but that is what I am here for. πŸ˜€