I have written an article that got a lot of responses on reverse tilt and rotating out of tilt, or whatever you whatever you want to call it. One of my future GolfWrx articles (What is a Full Turn?) is going to incorporate this subject.

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Today is a swing sequence of my long drive swing. I absolutely tagged this ball. Was probably 135 mph on a Trackman as I have been putting up 132-134 lately and this exceeded those.

I was also on a monitor that measured turn angles, so I was able to measure that too.

This should be the basis of all golf instruction. How to achieve maximum turn while maintaining tilt away from target. No one seems to teach this or even talk about it, but I see golfers every day who over rotate out of their tilt and when I tell them about it, that call it making maximum shoulder turn. When they are past parallel, they tell me that Bubba goes past parallel and so do long drivers.

All of this is nonsense if you never establish and maintain spine tilt away from the target in your backswing and at the top. Daly has it, Bubba has it, but all of the people who solicit my free advice and scoff at my response, not only don’t have it, they have tilt toward target in most cases.

THIS IS THE KEY TO POWERING A GOLF SWING. You cannot rotate past the point where your body can no longer support tilt away from the target. The arms have no room to swing, upper body lateral movement toward target and cast/flip is the body’s only recourse.

The above bold print should be the #1 priority of every instructor in the world. I don’t use this directly to many people as the term reverse tilt or over rotating out of tilt is a connotation of reverse pivot and most golfers don’t have that and will walk away from you if they think you are telling them that.

You might as well tell them they have a small penis.

Look at the first three images. You are going to notice 3 things (if one of them is the soft left elbow, there is nothing to see, move along).

1. I have what was measured as 108* of shoulder turn. More than 99% of golfers are capable of.
2. Even though I rotated well past 90*, my right shoulder is still closer to my right foot than my left.
3. Most important…Even with this massive shoulder turn going well past parallel, I still have 15-20* of spine tilt away from the target.

If you reread the article I linked above, you will see how all great players do 2 and 3 and all sorts of people trying to make a full turn fall apart where 2 and 3 are concerned.

You are going to notice a few things in the next three images.

1. I maintain my spine tilt away from the target the whole downswing.
2. It helps me create lag that would make even Sergio at 19 stand up and applaud. The irony is I am trying to unload all the lag from the top. Imagine if I float loaded and held it on purpose. Don’t have to. My turn, linked up arms and speed do that for me.
3. It allows my arms to link up to my turn.

Look how me trying to unload the lag in sequence help me release the club perfectly.

I have worked long and hard to get my swing back. False modesty aside, you will not see a better sequenced 130-135 mph swing anywhere in the world…and maintaining my tilt away from the target is the reason I can make a swing this long and this hard and hit a 50 yard wide fairway 80-90% of the time at drives that are 350-400 yards.

That is how I consider myself an expert. I came up with the theory and put it in play.

Will it be enough to win the world title in September? I don’t know. The fairway is 60-70 yards wide and there are some 45+ year old guys who can get to 140 mph. I finished 11th last year because I lacked stamina. Trying to rectify that and have found another 5 mph. Have 10 weeks to improve on both. In the gym every day.

The swing.