…were generous in custom making a driver and 3-wood shaft for me.

The VC-420 actually changed my swing and launch monitor numbers…for the better. It sounds like a sales pitch, but I waited past the honeymoon period of new clubs and it’s actually continuing a few months later.

These modern giant heads have actually been detrimental to my accuracy and consistency ever since they came out. I obviously had issues in my swing, but visually, the giant head got me into a pattern of staying right too long and hitting up too much.

The VC-420 is, as it sounds, a 420cc driver, but because of the deep face, it looks like 350cc…and it is no less forgiving than the visually large 460 heads. Even their 460 head doesn’t look large relative to its competitors.

I went from hitting up 4-6 to now 1-2. As many of you know, I am against hitting up so much as it creates issues making center face contact. It also lowers margin of error on face/path control for most. This is not just for just a long hitter like myself, but for all club head speeds. Like most things in golf and life, the opposite extreme is as bad as the one causing you problems. Down too much is obviously bad, but so is up too much.

All clubs must conform to USGA standards, so what makes one better than another is how it performs for you. KZG has 8 different drivers and they fit you with the one (and shaft) that produces the best results.

There’s more, but I will start with the driver and as I continue hitting more fairways, with a higher ball speed and distance, I will report.

I will be playing 8 days in a row in Scotland starting next Friday, so there will be Instagram videos from some of the world’s best golf courses, with my new favorite weapon.