The 3 day schools have the following schedule:

Day 1-9AM to 4Pm with 1 hour lunch
Morning session is group discussion about the swing in general using our faults to guide the discussion as the easiest way for everyone to proceed and improve.
Afternoon session is about all areas of the short game including putting.

Day 2-Same hours as day 1
Morning is all one on one
Afternoon is Flightscope and Boditrak analysis and shot making.

Both days other topics are discussed. Including, but not limited to: practice ideas, drills, mental approach, etc.

Day 3 is on the golf course. I give ideas on alignment, course management, shot making and selection and various short game scenarios. Everyone’s favorite day.

The cost is $350 for 2 days and $450 for 3 days plus around $50 per day to facility.

Every school has had players of every skill level from scratch up to 100’s shooters and having fun is the priority. I have found that fun creates lower scores and longer drives.

The goal is getting you to hit short clubs solid and the right distance and drives as long as possible.

Building a CONSISTENT short game is a top priority for me to convey.

Every city I listed on the schedule yesterday has had people register. The first ones to reach 8 registered will be locked in and all deposits ARE REFUNDABLE if school doesn’t happen or something comes up for you.

If schools don’t make the schedule, I will still be traveling to many of the cities to qualify for Champions Tour events, so private lessons will be available at all venues, regardless if a school happpnes or not.

As said yesterday, Palm Springs is a special 5 day school with PGA West day and club fitting day added to above schedule and the Houston School will be attended by and hosted by Hal Sutton at his facility.

Email me if you have any questions.