A complete video guide to increasing your driving distance and accuracy.


Complete Guide to Driver & Full Swing

Nearly 4 HOURS of practical & applicable instruction covering all aspects of driving and the full swing in general. Improve your distance and accuracy by making your swing more efficient.


Eliminate Your Misconceptions

Revolutionize your swing by learning what creates speed and what slows you down. Learn the secrets to developing an efficient swing and you will discover that swinging FASTER isn’t only LONGER, but also MORE ACCURATE.

TWO-PART HD Download

3.5 hours of 1080P HD content divided into two segments. 1080P & 720P H264 files included for maximum compatibility. Videos will play on computers, smart phones, & tablets.

Let’s be honest. The cliche about long-drive competitors is that they’re massive freaks of nature that aren’t necessarily very good at playing golf. Monte Scheinblum is the exception to this. In addition to his long-drive exploits, he had many top finishes on the Nike Tour (known as the web.com today) and continues to play tournament golf to this day. As an instructor, he has given short game lessons to a number of current PGA tour pros. And as a ball-striker, Monte still hits a regular 45″ driver 320-350 yards, while playing regular old golf, at nearly 50 years of age. 


More importantly, Monte understands the mechanics of the golf swing. He knows how to hit it far and he knows WHY certain swings produce more distance than others. This video isn’t about how to hit it thirty yards further out of bounds. It’s about how to improve your golf swing so that you can swing faster and more accurately at the same time. The lessons learned with DRIVE 4 DOUGH apply to every club in the bag. 

Early Praise for DRIVE 4 DOUGH:

The post-production takes this video from great to amazing… I’ve watched almost all of Monte’s YouTube videos and a couple of the pay ones… This is the best of the lot.  Clear, comprehensive and an incredible value. The added graphics will increase your understanding tenfold. Highly, highly recommend.

Ramesh S.

By far the BEST full swing video bar none, and I have seen a LOT of them. For anyone trying to better understand the full swing I encourage you to get it. Actually, I recommend it to ALL golfers. It is that good.

Ryan K.

It’s sick how much into detail this video goes into… There is no any other material online, books, magazines, dvd’s etc that provides you so much information… You can forget the magazines, you can forget the books, the golf channel swingfix, because this video is all you need. This is going to be your golf swing bible.

Carlos G.

World class communication start to finish.  If you can’t find something to fix what ails you, you ain’t a golfer.

David R. Stafford

If there is such a video that can work in place of one on one instruction, this is it.

Pat M



Basic Guidelines

Complete setup, backswing, and transition instruction


Faults & Misconceptions

Learn to distinguish between swing objectives and results. Stop forcing still-image positions and learn to make the moves that will automatically produce things like lag, shaft lean, and idealized Angle-of-Attack numbers.


Special Sections Covering Common Faults

Get your arms unstuck, eliminate big driver slices and snap-hooks, learn to accelerate the club correctly, and stop wasting energy with unnecessary movements that feel powerful but actually slow you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this video really just about driver or does it cover other clubs?

Drive 4 Dough is a “driver-centric” look at the full golf swing. The driver is the focus because that is the club that people want to hit further more than any other club in the bag. In turn, it’s also the club that causes people to swing “hard” the wrong way, resulting in many swing faults that cost them distance and accuracy. Drive 4 Dough is designed to help you increase your distance and accuracy with all clubs by identifying and eliminating the faults that slow you down.

Does this video focus on exercise, strengthening, speed-training, or club-fitting?

No. Drive 4 Dough is based on improving your swing speed, distance, and accuracy with the clubs and body that you currently have. Monte has nothing against those other factors, but his experience giving thousands of lessons has led him to believe that most golfers hit it far shorter than they should due mostly to mechanical flaws in their golf swing.

Why does this video cost $49?

Drive 4 Dough is over 3.5 hours long. At more than three times the length of previous videos, we feel $49 represents a tremendous value.

How do I access this video?
Once you purchase this video, you will be emailed a receipt with download links. Please download the videos to a computer, and then sync those files to your mobile devices. You can buy these videos on an iPad or an iPhone, but you can’t directly download them to those devices. Clicking on the receipt links while using a mobile device may allow the video to play, but the file will not be saved and you will have to re-download it in order to watch again. Please contact us at support@montescheinblum.com if you need your download links refreshed.
Can I watch this video on my phone or tablet?
Yes, but DO NOT try to download it directly onto any tablet or phone that does not allow you to save files. This includes all Apple devices and some Android devices. Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE the files to a computer and then sync the videos to your phone or tablet.
Why have my download links expired?
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Why does DRIVE 4 DOUGH come in two parts? Do I have to buy PART TWO separately?
When you purchase DRIVE 4 DOUGH you receive both parts. It’s one video 3.5 hour video, split in half to keep file-size and download times more manageable.


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