The ONLY short game video you will ever need.


Complete Short Game Guide

Learn to chip, pitch, and get out of bunkers using the easiest and most forgiving technique in golf: the bounce technique. For a few dollars more than a bucket of range balls, you can own the only short game video you’ll ever need.


Review Segments

Covering each technique for easy review and reference. Master chipping, greenside bunker techniques (including the dreaded “fried egg lie”), bump and run shots, and multiple specialty techniques, including the popular “Voodoo” Green Reading.

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45 Minutes of 1080P HD content. 1080P & 720P H264 files included for maximum compatibility. Videos will play on computers, smart phones, & tablets.


Customer Reviews for USE THE BOUNCE:


“This video is simply ridiculous!! Why hasnt something like this come out before? I watched it a couple times last night and took it to the range today and WOW. just WOW.  Fool proof and simple to pick up and learn. i played to a single digit last year and im close to being back to a single and i have never, never, never hit shots like i was hitting today.”


Alan P.



“I have been playing since I was a youngster and have always struggled with chipping. I have not practiced since watching the video but have played 3 times. The difference in my consistency is rediculous. I am now hitting high soft shots with my 60 deg without opening the face and risking the dreaded chunk.
I have also always played bunker shots with a wide open face and very steep in my attack. Since switching to Monte’s technique I have been absolutely sticking them….again without practice.”






“This is the best short game instruction video all wrapped into one neat package I have ever seen, bar none.  You’ve likely heard some of it, but it’s more than that. It really is a tutorial about how to move mass, not muscle.  If you execute what Monte is recommending on chips, you will not only de-stress that whole part of your game, you will increase distance and accuracy on your approach and long-iron shots as a byproduct. ”




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Is this the same as the video titled SHORT GAME?

Yes, it has simply been retitled, so there is no need to re-purchase it if you already own SHORT GAME.

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